Marine Weather Warnings - Tropical Cyclone Warning

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Northern Territory
Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre

Media: Transmitters serving the area between Port Roper and Port McArthur,
including Port McArthur are requested to USE the Standard Emergency Warning
Signal before broadcasting the following warning.



Issued at 7:48 am ACST [8:18 am AEST] on Friday 14 December 2018

Severe Tropical Cyclone Owen continues to move east over the southern Gulf of
Carpentaria and is strengthening.

Areas Affected:
Warning zone: Port McArthur in the Northern Territory, to Aurukun in
Queensland, including Mornington Island, Karumba, Kowanyama and Pormpuraaw.

Watch zone: Extending inland from Karumba to Aurukun as far as Georgetown,
Chillagoe and Coen.

Cancelled zone: None

Details of Severe Tropical Cyclone Owen at 6:30 am ACST [7:00 am AEST]:
Intensity: Category 3, sustained winds near the centre of 140 kilometres per
hour with wind gusts to 195 kilometres per hour.
Location: within 20 kilometres of 15.2 degrees South 137.5 degrees East,
estimated to be 115 kilometres northeast of Port McArthur and 245 kilometres
northwest of Mornington Island.
Movement: east at 7 kilometres per hour.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Owen is moving in an easterly direction slowly. The
cyclone is expected to accelerate a little towards the east during today. The
system remains a category 3 system and is likely to continue developing further
over the next 6 to 24 hours as it moves east over open waters through a
favourable environment. Severe TC Owen is expected to reach Category 4
intensity in the next few hours.

A coastal crossing along the southeast Gulf of Carpentaria coast between
Gilbert River Mouth and Pormpuraaw later Friday or early Saturday is likely,
and there is a chance the cyclone will cross the coast as a category 4 system.
Owen will then weaken slowly as it moves southeastwards inland over the
southern Cape York Peninsula.

VERY DESTRUCTIVE WINDS with gusts to 195 kilometres per hour are possible right
near the centre. If Owen continues to intensify during Friday VERY DESTRUCTIVE
winds are possible between Pormpuraaw and Gilbert River Mouth later on Friday
or early Saturday. They may develop over Mornington Island during Friday
afternoon if the system takes a more southerly track.

DESTRUCTIVE WINDS with gusts to 140 kilometres per hour are likely near the
centre. They may develop over Mornington Island Friday morning and afternoon if
the system takes a track further south. During Friday DESTRUCTIVE WINDS with
gusts to 130 kilometres per hour may develop between Burketown and Cape
Keerweer as the system approaches the Queensland coast.

GALES with gusts up to 110 kilometres per hour have been observed at Centre
Island on Thursday night and may occur between Port McArthur and the NT/Qld
Border during Friday morning, before easing by Friday afternoon. GALES may
extend from the NT/Qld Border to Burketown during Friday, including Mornington
Island, and then extend further to the southeast Gulf of Carpentaria between
Burketown and Aurukun and adjacent inland areas later Friday and early Saturday.

HEAVY RAINFALL, which may lead to flash flooding, may occur about the islands
and coastal areas of the southwestern Gulf of Carpentaria during Friday
morning, easing annd contracting further east as the cyclone moves east during
Friday afternoon. HEAVY RAINFALL, which may lead to flash flooding is likely
across southern Cape York Peninsula later Friday and Saturday as the cyclone

Tides may rise significantly above the normal high tide with DAMAGING WAVES and
DANGEROUS FLOODING. From Port McArthur to Aurukun a STORM TIDE may develop and
tides may rise significantly above the normal high tide, with DAMAGING WAVES

Recommended Action:
The Territory Controller advises residents from Port McArthur to QLD/NT Border,

Residents from Port McArthur to NT/QLD border:
- Take Shelter as conditions deteriorate.
- Shelters are open in Borroloola.
- Move inside at home or to public shelters as winds and rain start.
- Communities need to be aware this event will extend ongoing.

Further advice on cyclone emergencies in the Northern Territory is available at

Please ensure that friends, family and neighbours have heard and understood
this message, particularly new arrivals to the area.

People between the NT/Qld border and Aurukun, including Mornington Island,
Karumba and Pormpuraaw, should immediately commence or continue preparations,
especially securing boats and property [using available daylight hours/before

People in areas inland from Karumba to Aurukun as far as Georgetown, Chillagoe
and Coen should consider what action they will need to take if the cyclone
threat increases.

- For cyclone preparedness and safety advice, visit Queensland's Disaster
Management Services website (

- For emergency assistance call the Queensland State Emergency Service (SES) on
132 500 (for assistance with storm damage, rising flood water, fallen trees on
buildings or roof damage).

Next Advice:
The next advice will be issued from Brisbane TCWC by 11:00 am ACST Friday 14
December [11:30 am AEST Friday 14 December]

This advice is available on telephone NT-1300 659 211 and QLD-1300 659 212

A map showing the track of the cyclone is available at: